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Posted by sportpie on 01/01/2011

Apologies for the lack of recent updates – the Christmas rush took its toll and time just seemed to vanish!

Firstly, I have taken the decision to postpone the next edition of PIE until February 12th – this is partly due to just wanting to have a small break from all the organisation that is involved and also to try and make sure the next portion is as good as possible. With most people liking a break at this time of year, it might have proved tricky to get everyone together for January.

So look out for news soon of the plans for the February show and 2011 beyond that as well!


Yay us!


As we move into 2011 – lets just take a breather and look back at what we have achieved since our very first show in March.

That night seems an awfully long time ago now and we have come on leaps and bounds since then as well – eleven shows in total – we did two in July – and it has just been announced that we achieved 1623 downloads in that time. This figure doesn’t include anyone that tuned in to a live show either, although that is anyone’s guess [ I know that all shows that had people listening live though ].

I think this is amazing really – to start a new show and get that many people listening is awesome – so thanks to each and every one and believe it or not, this isn’t just me and my family! December SPORT PIE link

The December Frome Town FC special recorded 396 listens up until New Years Eve and hopefully this will have gone over the 400 barrier now as well. This is about double an average FTFC home gate. To me, this figure is something we could achieve ‘at least’ for every show, if we got the full FM license. It has proven that the football clubs supporters will tune in, if they know they can hear something exclusive about their club. Whether we will reach this kind of figure in 2011 will be tricky but we will give it a go!

So thanks again – please step forward if you wish to take part in the show and lets all look forward to a great 2011 on FromeFM. There is loads going on there right now, so please take the time to visit and see what the new year is going to bring you.

NB: I will also be presenting a monthly blues show as of Sat. 29th January 8-9pm – BLUES TRAIN – visit for details!

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December PIE review

Posted by sportpie on 06/12/2010

A full review of this months programme will be here this week… the meantime, special studio guests JAMIE CHEESEMAN & RICKY HULBERT are pictured below, loving it in the studio!

Jamie (l), Ricky (r)

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December Pie News

Posted by sportpie on 21/11/2010

This is just a heads up to say that we can announce at least one very special guest for the Dec 4th SPORT PIE!

Captain of Frome Town FC – Jamie Cheeseman – has kindly agreed to come onto the show, directly following the team’s home match vs Almondsbury the same afternoon. He has told me that he will bring another player, name tbc, as well.

We would welcome as many questions about Jamie, the club and football in general, as possible – is the place to send them to. If any supporter would like to come in as well, please let me know.

More details as we get them…. for more details on the Cheese!

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Review of November Sport Pie

Posted by sportpie on 11/11/2010


l-r: Rob Way, Andrew Denham, Petra Wiltshire

l-r: Chris Smith, Rich Evans & Rob again!











James and myself had a full studio this month, as we welcomed our local cycling celebs in for a large chat. World Champion downhill mountain biker Petra Wiltshire popped in during a brief stint back home, before she pops back to her main home in Switzerland for the skiing season. Pro biker Chris Smith told us all about his worst injuries, Rich Evans from Live2Ride talked about his shop and forthcoming World Record riding attempt for Children In Need and Andrew Denham returned to talk about the Cobble Wobble and the Black Canon Collective. Links below.

Phil Moakes allowed myself and James to mainly take the controls and we messed up a bit right at the start, when firstly I lined up the wrong track [ we played track one of The Kinks and not track three – You Really Got Me! ] and we faded it in a bit funny and at the end, probably played the backing track too loudly and then not at all!! The joys of community radio!!  But we soon got into our stride, did the footy news and then, after Bicyle Race by Queen, got stuck into the bikers. And they were very good value for their appearance fee!! Loads of interesting stories between them, including their most horrific injuries! Time flew and after Ticket To Ride was played, the next thing we knew, it was 7.55 and time to wrap up proceedings.

Many thanks to all that emailed and text the show -it always makes things much more interesting knowing that someone out there is listening!

Hopefully all will return at some point but below is a few links to find further info: for Children In Need!

Thanks to all of you!

Nicked from Andrew!

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Sports Court

Posted by sportpie on 01/11/2010

Basically, while hosting the nice cricketing chaps last month, it dawned on me that having a panel of people in the studio, while also getting instant feedback while on air, made for a really good show and was much better than just me reading stuff out.

The guests all said at the end, that they could talk about other sports too! So I thought it would be great if we could arrange a monthly panel of guests that would sit and discuss the latest sports talking points – both local and worldwide events. Even better would be to get instant feedback via email and text but even without this, we could maybe pick 5 subjects and discuss them. Not to take up the whole show [ or else we couldn’t do all the other club news of course…] but to maybe allocate 15-20 minutes to this section.

I came up with the name SPORTS COURT as it crossed over various lines – obviously a court as a venue to take part in events, a court as per ‘sitting in session’ and also the fact in rhymes!!

So…..if anyone reading this would like to be part of the panel, please let me know. My idea is to get some names on a list and be able to get 2 or 3 sitting in on any given month, so you wouldn’t be pledging to be there every time and we could share it around. I have my first volunteer already, so please don’t be shy and come forward ASAP!

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How to support FromeFM

Posted by sportpie on 22/10/2010

A nice and simple post – we need to find local businesses etc that would be interested in backing their local community radio station. A website has been set up to explain just how this works – please have a look!

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October portion reviewed

Posted by sportpie on 10/10/2010

This months theme was mainly cricket:


No, not that sort!



Nope, not him either....



<---Not him either! ^ Yes, that's it! Kind of....




So we had Andy in from Frome CC and Mark & Iestyn from Beckington CC. All top blokes and well up for the banter luckily. As were most of their respective clubs as well it seemed, as I had more live emails and texts than ever before! They literally threw themselves at the inbox and it was hard keeping up with them at one point!

It made for some cracking chat though, as most were humorous and lead to some lively debate in the studio. Hopefully this came over on air and we did get some nice feedback while still on air. So thanks go out to the aforementioned trio and all that emailed, text’d and just listened. Hopefully a lot more will do so on the listen again feature [ direct link to be posted here soon ].

All the chat lead to us running out of time again, so apologies to the Rugby Club [ although we didn’t have much to say on them this time anyway but head to their website to find the latest news, via our links page above ]. I was also due to do an update on the Bristol Maid Fantasy Footy League but didn’t have any time for that and also was meant to include some stuff about swimming [ more on that in November anyway ].

Sarah Davis emailed me a report on Saturday afternoon, so I had to read this out from my phone, which lead to some crackling on air, so apologies for that and I will learn my lesson for next time!

Much thanks to Mark Besley who sat in as studio manager for the night, as we thought Phil Moakes was away. But he wasn’t. Cheers for the Rob Halford CD, I will be listening in soon!

Music wise, we were kind of Indie Lite, with Blur, Embrace, Oasis and James all played and I’ll be repeating this again at some point as it all sounded good I hope.

Here is the report from Frome Town Youth FC in full:

Frome Town Youth 11 a side teams are 2 or 3 games into the season and some promising performances have already been on display.  Unfortunately the mini soccer age groups haven’t been able to kickstart their seasons as yet; due to the great British weather making it unsuitable to play any of the scheduled matches last weekend.  With the forecast looking better for tomorrow the Under 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s are all ready and raring to try again tomorrow.
Frome Town Youth were recent recipients of a 50% grant from the Football Foundation’s Goalpost Safety Scheme.  The club used the grant to go towards replacing the goals that the U14’s and U15’s Colts use at Chapmanslade.  A workforce of FTY volunteers successfully erected the goals just this morning and both teams look forward to making the back of the net ripple with goals in the coming weeks.  Club Secretary, Sarah Davis would like to thank the Football Foundation for their financial support and going some way to ensuring grassroots football is played with the safest, most up to date equipment available.
Winter training on the astroturf at Frome Leisure Centre is now in full swing with all age groups training on either a Monday, Tuesday or Friday evening under floodlights.  Checkout the Frome Town Youth FC facebook page for a breakdown of times and days for the various age groups.
In the coming months, FTY will be putting the spotlight on an individual age group on each Sport Pie show.  This month we’re starting with the youngest stars of Frome Town Youth.  The Kids Club began their winter training sessions on the astroturf on Mon 4th Oct from 6-7pm.  Over 20 Reception and year 1 boys and girls enjoyed playing dishes and bowls, what’s the time Mr Wolf and Treasure Island to name but a few! Tim Davis is the Kids Club Coordinator; ably assisted by Michael Kelloway and Sarah Davis. Together the coaching team have over 20 years coaching experience introducing the basics of football through fun games in a safe, relaxed and enjoyable environment.  If your son or daughter would like to join in the fun, just turn up this Monday and have a month of training sessions to whet your child’s footballing appetite for free.
Next month’s update from FTY will include a spotlight on Marc Holoway’s Under 7’s, as well as some exciting news about an Inter Schools tournament that the club are organising for Year 3 and Year 4 school teams on 12th November at the astro.
I also met with Simone Benhayon of Frome Leisure Centre last week and hopefully she will be appearing on Sport Pie in November. She has some great ideas on promoting swimming in Frome and is also the UK face for Zoggs, an Australian company that also promoted swimming.

Finally, the November 6th Sport Pie will be featuring another Frome World Champion! Watch this space for details!

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October 9th portion coming up!

Posted by sportpie on 03/10/2010

The Ashes Urn

Image via Wikipedia

It’s nearly that time of the month again!

Here is a quick run down of what should be happening in the October portion of Pie:

I don't like cricket - I love it!

So, the theme this month is based around cricket – we have a couple of special guests in the studio for some hopefully lively banter. On behalf of Beckington CC will be Mark Wilson – and for Frome CC will be Andy Simpson .

We will start off by finding all about how their respective teams have done in the recently ended season and both did ok for themselves! We will also chat about the local scene in general and see just how competitive cricket is in the area and finally, we will open things up on a wider scale and discuss things such as the recent alleged match fixing scandal and the forthcoming Ashes series in Australia.

It would be great to have some input from the listeners this time, so email on the night to and I will ask the lads your questions! The studio has been re-arranged since the last show and it should be a lot easier to see the emails as they come through.

We will hopefully have our usual round-ups from Frome Town FC and the local Football League clubs, as well as the Zamaretto League. Also Frome Town Youth FC and Frome Rugby Club, Frome Running Club, the Bristol Maid Fantasy Football League and anything else that pops up by then!

*well, kind of....

The music theme this month is kind of, vaguely, indie. Although true Indie fans may argue the fact – it’s more Indie Lite! The exact running order is being worked out still but along the lines of Embrace, Oasis, and that kind of thing. Any suggestions will be more than welcome!

Lastly on this round-up, I would like to draw your attention to the following link please!

Click me and start shopping!

It costs more than you might think to run FromeFM each year and we are constantly trying to raise funds. Remember that we are run by volunteers and it’s a not for profit community station. With that in mind, we have set up a webshop link, as above: – I’m sure you know all about them but basically, every time you want to make a purchase online, click through this link and when you do your shopping from there, we receive commission.

It varies from shop to shop but it all adds up – you still receive the same service that you would be going directly but it helps us to keep going! with Christmas not too far away, it is the best time to add this to your bookmarks and help your local station out!


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Latest Portion online now

Posted by sportpie on 18/09/2010

The September 11th SPORT PIE is now available online to listen again.

Frome Town FC and footy round-up, Frome Running Club jog in, all about the Cobble Wobble, news from youth footy, our new Fantasy Footy round-up, Down To The Wyer leisure review and some great rock tracks from AC/DC, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Saint Jude, The Offspring and more – please click this link while you surf the net!

You may spot a different opening than usual and the background music is a little louder than it should in the first quarter but after that, we all sorted it out and the rest of it was ok I think! Please click the link and have a listen.

Coming up!

Our next show is coming up on Saturday October 9th, 7-8pm and will be a cricket special, with various local players coming in for a nice chat! More details soon….

SNEAK PREVIEW – news coming soon about two new webshops from FromeFM where you can help support your local community station! Watch this space!

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Cobble Wobble coming up soon

Posted by sportpie on 09/09/2010

Frome Velo Jam Cobble Wobble

Image by odolphie via Flickr

See a bit from last year here:

More news coming up this Saturday on SPORT PIE!

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